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More than 100 Cebora welding power sources for the Xunta de Galicia professional training centers

Last December, PILSES delivered 28 CEBORA welding power sources to the training centers of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of the Xunta de Galicia. With this delivery, there are 114 machines distributed in different training centers of the Galician government -XUNTA DE GALICIA.

The power sources supplied are: Synstar 270 T, Sound MMA 2336/T, Tig Sound AC-DC 2240/M, EVO 350 TC Synergic, TIG AC-DC EVO 260 T, Synstar 330 TC.




The catalogue of the 2018 new products

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Another two medals for STIGAL / Cebora

On April 10th through 12th in Kielce STIGAL & CEBORA participated in the first trade fairs in Poland this year: XI Metal Sheet Processing and Cutting Trade Fair STOM-BLECH & CUTTING.

These fairs, being part of a series of events called "Industrial Spring", attract more and more exhibitors and visitors every year. During this year's edition, over 500 exhibitors from 35 countries presented their products at 7 full halls.

The new STIGAL stand aroused great interest among industry professionals, as they had the possibility not only to see the machines but also live cutting of complicated details using the Cebora Prof 255 HQC Power Source and presentation of the award-winning, 5-axis head for Multi3D bevelling head equipped with CEBORA CP451G torch head. The most visitors, however, were attracted by this year's premiere: SmartCUT Intelligent Cutting Assistant.



The new 110A inverter plasma cutter

We are pleased to announce to our sales network that the new Plasma Sound PC 110/T, art. 336, from March 2018 will replace the Plasma Sound PC 10051/T - art. 361 - that is out of production. This new model completes the range of our 3-phase multivoltage plasma, offering now three models: 70 - 110 - 130 Ampere.

This is a powerful inverter plasma cutting power source with a duty cycle of 110 A at 50%, 95 A at 60% and 90 A at 100%.

Such power allows to cut on a recommended thickness of 35 mm of mild steel (the maximum cutting thickness is 40 mm and the severance thickness is 50 mm) with outstanting cut quality and speed.




LLC Smart Service opens a Cebora showroom in Russia

The Russian distributor of Cebora, company LLC "SMART SERVICE" in Moscow, opened a showroom that already contains the latest models launched by Cebora and that will be made progressively available in 2018, such as the new MIG (Kingstar line) and TIG welders (WIN TIG line).

In the show room, where you can find the full documentation of the Cebora line in Russian, machine demonstrations are also made for interested customers.




The Cebora group acquires GEFRA, system integrator

The Cebora group has acquired the company GEFRA AUTOMAZIONE srl, a young and dynamic company, yet already rich of experience in the automation field, in which it offers turn key systems for various requirements.

This important acquisition comes within the frame of the general strategy of Cebora, that for some years has been investing big resources in the sector of automation and robotics and obtained a positive feedback from the markets, as far as both the automated welding and the automated plasma cutting, either on pantograph or on robot.


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The new Fincut website

For several years Cebora has been cooperating with the Finnish company, Isojoen Laitevalmiste Oy from Vanhakylä, manufacturer of the "FINCUT" automated cutting systems.

This cooperation had modest beginnings through the construction of a first FINCUT facility equipped with a high definition Cebora HQC power source that Isojoen Laitevalmiste Oy introduced at the Alihankinta exhibition in Tampere in September 2014.


Cebora releases its second Newsletter

After the first issue of June 2018, Cebora releases now the second Newsletter that you can download in pdf format by clicking on "Read more".



The new 70A inverter plasma cutter

We are pleased to introduce our new Plasma Sound PC 70/T, art. 334, which replaces th Plasma Sound PC 6061/T, art. 359, that is no longer available.

Compared to Plasma Sound PC 6061/T, the new Plasma Sound PC 70/T features the new CP 70C MAR - 6 m length - cutting torch, art. 1626, (with "on air" ignition, without HF) that, joined to the increased amperage to 70 Ampere, allows now greater cutting performances.
The CP 70C MAR - 15 m length - cutting torch, art. 1626.15 - will be also available.




Cebora 4.0 to Schweissen & Schneiden

Based on its many years’ experience and thanks to its high level technical staff, always engaged in the research and development of cutting-edge products, Cebora presented at Schweissen & Schneiden, which this year was held in Düsseldorf in September 25-29 2017, a product line that has been completely renovated in the most professional segment.

In particular, the new MIG (Kingstar line) and TIG (WIN TIG line) welding machines were shown in the large stand, featuring slanted displays that facilitate the view of controls and parameters.




Tesla approves three Cebora MIG welders

Tesla Motors of San Carlos, California (USA), is a car company founded in 2003 (the name is a tribute to the inventor Nikola Tesla) which has as its goal the creation of high-performance electric vehicles. A Forbes ranking chart of 2015 qualified Tesla as "the most innovative company in the world."
In this context, it is a source of particular satisfaction to announce that Tesla has recently approved for bodywork repair of their vehicles at authorized workshops, three Cebora MIG welders



Cebora offers the WPS package (EN 1090)

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new article 808, "WPS Package for EVO Speed Star".

The EC Regulation 305/2001 on construction products imposes the application of EN 1090 for steelwork for structural use.

The application of this regulation requires the companies to develop an adequate system of manufacturing process control that will allow them to affix the CE marking on the products.

This regulation involves many different manufactures, such as agricultural, residential and industrial buildings, bridges, roofings, viaducts etc., and the welding procedures are qualified by competent bodies on the basis of defined and certified testing procedures.




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