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Cebora sponsor in Formula SAE

The 2017 Formula SAE season has begun, and the TEAMs of Roma Tor Vergata and Padua, supported by CEBORA, have also presented their new competition cars (Combustion & Electric).

Formula SAE (also known as Formula Student) is a car competition reserved for universities around the world, organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).
CEBORA is proud of having given its support to the Scuderia Tor Vergata of the University of Rome and to the Race Up Team of the University of Padua, students of different disciplines who will compete in this new season on circuits around the world.




Tesla approves three Cebora MIG welders

Tesla Motors of San Carlos, California (USA), is a car company founded in 2003 (the name is a tribute to the inventor Nikola Tesla) which has as its goal the creation of high-performance electric vehicles. A Forbes ranking chart of 2015 qualified Tesla as "the most innovative company in the world."
In this context, it is a source of particular satisfaction to announce that Tesla has recently approved for bodywork repair of their vehicles at authorized workshops, three Cebora MIG welders



Three important Italian events for Cebora in May 2017

In the month of May 2017, Cebora will have the opportunity to participate in three important events in Italy with the various lines of its product range: industrial, body repair and automation:

  • Lamiera
  • Autopromotec
  • National Welding Days



The new 130A inverter plasma cutter

We are pleased to introduce our new Plasma Sound PC 130/T, art. 337, a powerful inverter plasma cutting power source with the strongest duty cycle existing today in the market (130A at 80% and 125A at 100%).

Such power allows to cut on a recommended thickness of 40 mm of mild steel (the maximum cutting thickness is 50 mm and the severance thickness is 60 mm) with outstanting cut quality and speed.

Piercing capacity is 25 mm on mild steel.

This new plasma cutter has several outstanding features that make it really unique:



Introducing the new Jaguar E 200 MD

The need to have two different filler wires ready in one welding machine was felt in the body shop already years ago. This is why Cebora created in 1993 its first double torch power source, the Jaguar art. 582. It was a transformer based, switch controlled machine, in line with the welding technology of that time.

Then, in 2008, Cebora presented the new version: the Jaguar Double Pulse 2035/MD, art. 282, an inverter synergic power source with pulsed and double pulsed arc functions. A big step ahead, followed in 2011 by the PFC version Jaguar Sound MIG 2060/MD Star Double Pulse, art. 302, currently in production and still having a great success worldwide, also thanks to the many approvals released by leading car manufacturers.

With a view of reaching the growing number of body shops that more and more feel the need to provide themselves with adequate equipment for the repair of the new materials used in the vehicle body (high strength steels, aluminium alloys etc.), Cebora is now pleased to introduce its new Jaguar E 200 MD, art. 321, that offers the same Cebora technology and quality but with a more attractive price.




Mercedes-Benz approves the Sound MIG 2740/T Star Pulse

After a long, thorough and severe testing procedure, Mercedes-Benz has released its official approval for the Cebora Sound MIG 2740/T Star Pulse,art. 307.

This is the first Cebora three-phase power source approved by a car manufacturer and this is due to the growing need in the vehicle body repair of powerful welding machines capable to cover a wider range of applications on a wider range of metals (mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel, martensitic steel, aluminium alloys etc.).




The MIG flagships: the new EVO Speed Star line

The MIG welding power sources you were waiting for. The new EVO Speed Star line consists of three inverter three-phase multi-function power sources marked out by:

- HIGH DUTY CYCLE AT 40°C (IEC 60974-1)

The 380A power source, with optional water cooling unit, is available either in compact version or with separate wire feeder.
The 500A power source has built-in water cooling unit and separate wire feeder.


The Cebora group acquires GEFRA, system integrator

The Cebora group has acquired the company GEFRA AUTOMAZIONE srl, a young and dynamic company, yet already rich of experience in the automation field, in which it offers turn key systems for various requirements.

This important acquisition comes within the frame of the general strategy of Cebora, that for some years has been investing big resources in the sector of automation and robotics and obtained a positive feedback from the markets, as far as both the automated welding and the automated plasma cutting, either on pantograph or on robot.


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Cebora presents the Pocket Pulse black / gold

Thirty years ago, Cebora invented the first portable continuous wire welder in the history. It was called Pocket MIG and in a short time it became a worldwide best seller, sold in millions of units from the Americas to Oceania. For sure one of the products that mainly contributed to make the Cebora brand known in the world.

To celebrate the anniversary, Cebora is pleased to present to its sales network a new achievement of its technology: the Pocket Pulse, art. 305.

For the occasion, we decided to dress the product in a special way, to strongly characterize it also from the image point of view. So, instead of being of our historical red colour, the Pocket Pulse is black with gold writing. A visual impact that will surely catch the eyes.



Industrial spring in Kielce: a great success for Stigal and Cebora

On March 28th through 30th, 2017, the 10th, anniversary edition of the STOM-TOOL Fairs took place in Kielce, gathering almost 900 exhibitors from 38 countries. Among them was STIGAL, the manufacturer of the fastest CNC cutting machines in Europe.

During the fairs STIGAL presented three machines: the fastest compact DYNAMIC Speed HQ, the large scale and versatile VXstandard and the top of the line, all-inclusive, capable of bevel cutting up to 90 degrees PRO Master3D. All of them are powered exclusively by the Cebora HQC power sources.




General Motors approves four Cebora power sources

General Motors, great and prestigious brand in the automotive sector, has recently approved four Cebora power sources for the body repair of its vehicles in its authorized workshops. The approved models are two plasma cutters and two MIG-MAG welders:

  • Power Plasma 2025/M, art. 270
  • Power Plasma 3035/M, art. 279
  • Sound MIG 2060/MD Star Double Pulse, art. 301
  • Jaguar Sound MIG 2060/MD Star Double Pulse, art. 302



Cebora offers the WPS package (EN 1090)

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new article 808, "WPS Package for EVO Speed Star".

The EC Regulation 305/2001 on construction products imposes the application of EN 1090 for steelwork for structural use.

The application of this regulation requires the companies to develop an adequate system of manufacturing process control that will allow them to affix the CE marking on the products.

This regulation involves many different manufactures, such as agricultural, residential and industrial buildings, bridges, roofings, viaducts etc., and the welding procedures are qualified by competent bodies on the basis of defined and certified testing procedures.



The Cebora automation line at the Robomatica fair in Madrid

The "Robomatica" fair in Madrid began as a professional show, in response to the needs of a strongly automation-oriented market, but it quickly reached the size and the characteristics of an important trade fair, included in the frame of the big MetalMadrid fair.

The Spanish market was one of the earliest and most receptive markets for the welding automation line of Cebora, that installed in the Iberian country dozens of robotic welding systems since the late 90s.




The EMAF in Porto, last 2016 European fair for Cebora

The EMAF fair, now at its 16th edition held in Porto, Portugal, on November 23rd through 26th, 2016, is the country's largest industrial fair, with a very high participation (the data relevant to the previous edition refer of 350 exhibitors in 5 halls on an area of 27,000 m² and an attendance of 40,000


Cebora was present with its demonstrator engineer in the stand of its Portuguese distributor, company Rubete, who exhibited a significant selection of latest generation welding and cutting power sources of the industrial range.




Laskar organizes the Cebora Cup in Holland

In spite of the exceptionally hot weather in Holland (35°C!), approximately 70 people from the Benelux customers of the historical Dutch distributor of Cebora, company Laskar, attended the Open House organized on September 13th, 14th and 15th, 2016, in Hardinxveld for introducing the new models of the Cebora range, i.e. the Pocket Pulse, art. 305, and the Synstar 330 TC, art. 386.

The people in attendance were very satisfied and impressed by the performance of the two new models and Laskar booked a remarkable number of orders.

During the three days of meeting, Laskar also organized a karting race, the Cebora Cup, which was won by a nephew of the Dutch F1 champion Max Verstappen.



Now available the new Synstar 330 TC

To respond to the many requests received by its worldwide sales network, Cebora introduces a new model of the Synstar line, the Synstar 330 TC, art. 386.

It is a compact three-phase inverter synergic power source, multi-process (MIG-MAG, TIG and MMA), with a high power (330A at 40% and 270A at 100%), factory fitted with pulsed and double pulsed arc functions, more than 70 synergic programs and 5" touch screen LCD display. An optional cooling unit is also available.

The power source can also be equipped with a push-pull type torch.




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