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May 2019

The new Fincut website

For several years Cebora has been cooperating with the Finnish company, Isojoen Laitevalmiste Oy from Vanhakylä, manufacturer of the "FINCUT" automated cutting systems.

This cooperation had modest beginnings through the construction of a first FINCUT facility equipped with a high definition Cebora HQC power source that Isojoen Laitevalmiste Oy introduced at the Alihankinta exhibition in Tampere in September 2014.

Since then, the synergy produced by the great quality and reliability of the Cebora machines and the high degree of technological specialization of Isojoen Laitevalmiste Oy has meant that the Cebora-equipped FINCUT cutting plants have firmly established themselves on the Finnish market, despite the fierce competition.

The new website of Isojoen Laitevalmiste Oy dedicated to the FINCUT/Cebora line is now on the net to underline this flattering result. The site, which can be accessed at, is clear and easy to navigate and offers interesting galleries of images and videos that we recommend viewing.






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