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Welding & cutting / News / Cebora offers the WPS package (EN 1090)

February 2017

Cebora offers the WPS package (EN 1090)

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new article 808, "WPS Package for EVO Speed Star".

The EC Regulation 305/2001 on construction products imposes the application of EN 1090 for steelwork for structural use.

The application of this regulation requires the companies to develop an adequate system of manufacturing process control that will allow them to affix the CE marking on the products.

This regulation involves many different manufactures, such as agricultural, residential and industrial buildings, bridges, roofings, viaducts etc., and the welding procedures are qualified by competent bodies on the basis of defined and certified testing procedures.

To help customers in complying with the EN 1090 standard, Cebora makes now available for the welding power sources of the EVO Speed Star line its collection of WPS (Welding Procedure Specification), which provide coverage of most applications in welding, supported by relevant certificates of qualification procedure (WPQR - Welding Procedure Qualification Record), as expected by EN 1090: a complete package, a detailed documentation, intended for companies wishing to facilitate and speed up their procedures.

The WPS package is available as option starting from the machine software release no. 10.

Plasma Sound PC 130T

Snap shot Description

8-page leaflet with a detailed explanation of the Cebora WPS package and of its applications
Italian / English
(.pdf 8.8 MB)

4-page leaflet with concise instructions for WPS setting on the EVO Speed Star line
(.pdf 10.2 MB)


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