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Welding & cutting / News / Introducing the new Jaguar E 200 MD

October 2016

Introducing the new Jaguar E 200 MD

The need to have two different filler wires ready in one welding machine was felt in the body shop already years ago. This is why Cebora created in 1993 its first double torch power source, the Jaguar art. 582. It was a transformer based, switch controlled machine, in line with the welding technology of that time.

Then, in 2008, Cebora presented the new version: the Jaguar Double Pulse 2035/MD, art. 282, an inverter synergic power source with pulsed and double pulsed arc functions. A big step ahead, followed in 2011 by the PFC version Jaguar Sound MIG 2060/MD Star Double Pulse, art. 302, currently in production and still having a great success worldwide, also thanks to the many approvals released by leading car manufacturers.

With a view of reaching the growing number of body shops that more and more feel the need to provide themselves with adequate equipment for the repair of the new materials used in the vehicle body (high strength steels, aluminium alloys etc.), Cebora is now pleased to introduce its new Jaguar E 200 MD, art. 321, that offers the same Cebora technology and quality but with a more attractive price. In comparison to the art. 302, this new model - developed in the same style of the successful Synstar line - has a slightly less power (200A at 20% and 120A at 100% vs. the 200A at 60% and 160A at 100% of the art. 302) and one (but 5" wide) front display only. The pulsed arc function is optional, so that the user can also choose to save money if he does not really need it.

Like the former models, this new Jaguar can be equipped with either a standard MIG torch or with a push-pull one. It is ready for 15 kg (Ø 300 mm) wire spools and is factory fitted with 64 synergic programs covering a really wide range of materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel, aluminium and galvanized sheet metal (with CuSi3 wire).

Like all the latest Cebora power sources, the Jaguar E 200 MD is particularly user friendly, thus making the job easier to the less experienced operators, yet also offering to the welding experts the possibility of fine tuning all welding parameters according to every single need.

The Jaguar E 200 MD has been presented, for a preview, at the Automechanika fair in Frankfurt, Germany, on September 13th through 17th, 2016, where visitors have shown interest and appreciation for this new model.


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