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Welding & cutting / News / Cebora presents the Pocket Pulse black / gold

July 2016

Cebora presents the Pocket Pulse black / gold

Thirty years ago, Cebora invented the first portable continuous wire welder in the history. It was called Pocket MIG and in a short time it became a worldwide best seller, sold in millions of units from the Americas to Oceania. For sure one of the products that mainly contributed to make the Cebora brand known in the world.

To celebrate the anniversary, Cebora is pleased to present to its sales network a new achievement of its technology: the Pocket Pulse, art. 305.

For the occasion, we decided to dress the product in a special way, to strongly characterize it also from the image point of view. So, instead of being of our historical red colour, the Pocket Pulse is black with gold writing. A visual impact that will surely catch the eyes.

From the substantial point of view, Pocket Pulse is an inverter synergic continuous wire (MIG-MAG) welding power source which hosts, in the size of a cabin hand luggage, all the over sixty year experience of Cebora as well as all the state of the art technological features, developed also thanks to the feedback of our sales network, that covers more than 100 countries in the world.

So, in a little more than 13 kg, here is a welding machine with dozens of synergic programs already included, to allow an optimal machine setting also to the inexperienced operators, yet capable to offer to the more expert ones the possibility to effect a fine tuning on every single parameter to make it perfectly match the different and particular needs.

The wide and bright LCD display is a precious interface for the user, who can view the machine setting in real time.

The pulsed MIG function, factory fitted, allows to obtain high quality welds even on "difficult" materials and thin thicknesses, thanks to a limited heat transfer (with a consequently lower distortion of the workpiece), a higher penetration, an accurate control of the welding arc, the absence of spatter and an extraordinary aesthetic result.

Versatility is one of the salient notes of the Pocket Pulse that, thanks to its particular characteristics of weight and size, to the rich range of functions and to its power (185A at 20% and 110A at 100%) is suitable for both the "do-it-yourself" type use (the input of 2.7 kvA at 100% makes it possible to use the machine even in a house environment) and for professional use in several sectors (body repair, metal fabrication, on site maintenance - even outdoors, using flux cored wires without shielding gas).

Ultimately, the basic idea of the Pocket Pulse is similar to that of a smart phone: having always at hand, in the space of a packet of cigarettes, the functions of a computer. With the Pocket Pulse we cased into a metallic frame, as big as a backpack - and as portable as a backpack - all the functions of a big latest-gen MIG-MAG welder.


The extraordinary versatility of the Pocket Pulse

On-site maintenance                                                       Outdoor repairs (with flux cored wire)


Workshop and metal fabrication                                   Body shop

Snap shot Description


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