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Art. 265 Cebora

WIN TIG DC 220 M is a single-phase inverter power source also suitable for MMA/-SMAW use, with the exception of AWS6010 cellulosic electrodes; designed on purpose for maintenance work and small production batches.
The new LCD colour display makes use easy and intuitive.
The welding machine shows, in addition to the most known welding processes, several news, such as:

In TIG mode, the arc is started either on high frequency or by contact through the Cebora lift-system.
The power source is set up for remote control using the foot control (art. 193), remote control (art.187+1192) or Up-Down control on the torch (art. 1262).
The protection gases to be used are argon, argon/helium, argon/hydrogen.
It is also possible to memorize up to 9 welding programs (JOB).
The compliance with EN 61000-3-12 ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption and a wide supply voltage tolerance (+ 15% / -20%).
The power source can be powered by motor-generators of adequate power (Min. 10 KVA)

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Comparison table of the different power source features

Category: TIG welding power sources

= standard           = optional

Feature Power source part number
264 360
364 365 363

Max. pulse frequency 2.5 kHz

Max. pulse frequency 500 Hz          

High Frequency ignition

"Lift by Cebora" ignition

Spot welding mode

2 times / 4 times
3 level mode      
2 level and 4 time mode    
Minimum current in AC TIG 5 A n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.

Max. AC frequency 150 Hz

n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
Crater current adjustment      
Wave form selection n.a. n.a.   n.a. n.a.
AC horizontal balance n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.

AC vertical balance (AAd)

n.a. n.a.     n.a. n.a.

Remote control

Synergic parameters

Slope up adjustment  
Slope down adjustment
Pre-gas adjustment  
Post-gas adjustment
Load controlled fan      
Job mode    
Interface for cooling unit      
Ready for automatic Plasma Welding console          
Ready for manual Plasma Welding console            
Interface for TIG Hot / Cold Wire feeder          
Ready for interfacing with robot via either analog or fieldbus          
TIG MIX process n.a. n.a.     n.a. n.a.
EVO Start (ESt) adjustment        
HF ignition by "EVO Lift" (ELF)        
Panel locking        
Digital gas control          
Quality Control function        
DC MMA welding
AC MMA welding         n.a.  
"Arc Force" function in MMA welding
"Hot Start" current
USB interface          
RS-232 interface        
Possibility to update the software        
Conformity with EN61000-3-12 (PFC)
Suitable for use in environments with increased hazard of electric shock
IP23S protection class
The power source can be powered by motor generators of adequate power
Single phase power supply 230V +15% / -20%        
Three-phase power supply 400V ±10%          
Multivoltage single phase power supply 115 - 230V +15% / -20%            
Multivoltage three-phase power supply 208-220-230-400-440V ±10%            


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