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Art. 256 Cebora

The MMA POWER ROD 150 M inverter power source (art. 504) is suitable for MMA welding all rutile basic electrodes AWS 7018, in stainless steel and

The power source is distinguished by a shockproof plastic casing which has made it possible to reduce weight to just 4.5 kg, along with relative dimensions.

This is a single-phase inverter power source (230V) for MMA and TIG DC welding (with Cebora Lift ignition, using the TIG Cebora T150 torch, art. 1567.01).

It can weld electrodes of up to Ø 3.25 and has a duty cycle of 150 A at 25% (which becomes 100 A at 100%).

It is ideal for maintenance and repair jobs thanks to its lightweight and shockproof plastic casing which makes it suitable for use in many different operating conditions. It features a shoulder strap for easier transport.

The compliance with EN 61000-3-12 brings substantial energy saving and a wide supply voltage tolerance (+15% / -20%).

The power source can be powered by motor generators of adequate power (Min. 6 KVA).


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