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Art. 366 Cebora

WIN TIG AC-DC 450 T ( art.396 ) is a three-phase power source with inverter technology for TIG (pulsed) and electrode (MMA) AC DC welding, with built-in HF ignition.

Supplied with cooling unit and also with trolley for transportation of the power source.

Wireless connectivity enables connection to the welding mask with auto-darkening filter (art. 434 - optional).

Minimum DC current equal to 3A which allows optimal tasks on profile edges in the stainless steel micro-alloyed dies, whereas the 5A in AC allow the addition on very thin pieces of aluminum (for instance edges on turbine blades).

Available all the features that has always characterised the Cebora TIG welding power sources, in particular the high quality of arc ignition (already known as LIFT, HF, EVO START, EVO LIFT ).

All settings are easily adjustable thanks to the large 7 “ LCD touch-screen display (can also be used with welder’s gloves), simple and intuitive graphics and a durable encoder.

AC frequency from 50 to 200 Hz.

In AC TIG mode, independent adjustment of amplitudes and of times in the waveform penetration and cleaning. MIX function available to improve welding on cold pieces.

Fast spot-on with minimum heat input thanks to the specific program that allows accurate adjustment (10ms step) of the welding time parameter and intermittence time.

Pulsed DC TIG mode and PulsXP with pulse frequency up to 15 KHz which allows to get an extremely focused arc and a high feed rate (high productivity).

NEW APC function, in DC TIG mode, allows to automatically adjust the welding current according to the arc height in order to obtain a constant melting bath in line with high welding speed and minimum piece deformation.

NEW VRD function, in MMA mode, increases safety in hazardous environments.

Easily removable power source cooling grille, in order to facilitate and reduce the maintenance time.
Variable-speed fan, increases acoustic comfort and minimizes the maintenance of the power source.

The new hardware structure of the welding machine allows the implementation of a web server that, through LAN and Wi-Fi connections, as well as 2 USB ports, provides with useful functions for remote service, diagnostics, information system, backup and data recovery, fi rmware updates etc... and for all those activities that require data gathering and processing.

The User interface can be controlled remotely and managed through Personal Computer, Tablet or Smartphone using a browser, thus, without the need to install further dedicated software.

The machine is provided with a connector for the remote control connection for the regulation of the welding current; it is also equipped with a 1% “precision grade” digital ammeter/ voltmeter and with thermostatic protection devices which block the machine before abnormal overheating may occur.

Also available a version fitted with 50/60 Hz three-phase autotransformer (200) - 220 - 440 - 480 V.

Optional: remote panel, gas regulator kit and calibration certificate.

The IP23 S degree of protection allows use in outdoor environments.

Complies with EN61000-3-12 standards.

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Comparison table of the different power source features

Category: TIG welding power sources

= standard           = optional

Feature Power source part number
265 360
365 363
551 558

Max. pulse frequency 2.5 kHz

Max. pulse frequency 500 Hz        

High Frequency ignition

"Lift by Cebora" ignition

Spot welding mode

2 times / 4 times mode
3 level mode        
2 level and 4 time mode    
Minimum current in AC TIG 5 A n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.

Max. AC frequency 150 Hz

n.a. n.a. n.a.   n.a.

Max. AC frequency 200 Hz

n.a. n.a.   n.a. n.a.  
Crater current adjustment        
Wave form selection n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.  
AC horizontal balance n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.

AC vertical balance (AAd)

n.a. n.a.   n.a. n.a.  

Remote control

Synergic parameters

Slope up adjustment  
Slope down adjustment
Pre-gas adjustment    
Post-gas adjustment
Load controlled fan        
Job mode    
Interface for cooling unit      
Ready for automatic Plasma Welding console          
Ready for manual Plasma Welding console            
Interface for TIG Hot / Cold Wire feeder          
Ready for interfacing with robot via either analog or fieldbus          
TIG MIX process n.a. n.a.   n.a. n.a.  
EVO Start (ESt) adjustment          
HF ignition by "EVO Lift" (ELF)          
Panel locking          
Digital gas control          
Quality Control function          
DC MMA welding
AC MMA welding       n.a.    
"Arc Force" function in MMA welding
"Hot Start" current
USB interface          
RS-232 interface          
LAN interface            
Possibility to update the software        
Conformity with EN61000-3-12 (PFC)
Suitable for use in environments with increased hazard of electric shock
IP23S protection class
The power source can be powered by motor generators of adequate power
Single phase power supply 230V +15% / -20%        
Three-phase power supply 400V ±10%          
Multivoltage single phase power supply 115 - 230V +15% / -20%            
Multivoltage three-phase power supply 208-220-230-400-440V ±10%            
Multivoltage three-phase power supply (200) - 220 - 440 - 480V ±10%          


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