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The new SYNSTAR 330 TS is a multiprocess inverter three-phase synergic power source for MIG-TIG-MMA welding, with 4-roller Cebora wire feed unit.(Ø 30mm, 0,098 ft)

Factory fitted with current double level (MIG Short process), pulse and double pulse function, the SYNSTAR 330 TS has more than 70 welding programs available for Ø 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2mm solid wire, as well as of stainless steel pulsed programs optimized for welding of thin thicknesses.

This power source can be equipped with 3 different types of torch:

The LCD TOUCH SCREEN panel allows the operator to read and select process, wire and gas type, current and thickness, voltage and wire speed.

The power source is complete with many functions adjustable from the TOUCH SCREEN control panel such as: Arc Length, short or pulsed welding process, 2 times / 4 times, Spot Time, Pause Time, Inductance, push-pull force, Burn Back, Soft Start, pre-gas and post gas.

An optional cooling unit (art. 1681) is also available.
It is a specially versatile power source, suitable for various applications, in particular for medium metal works, marked out by a low electrical input (PFC).

Complies with EN 61000-3-12.


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Comparison table of the different power source features

Category: Three-phase MIG welding power sources with separate wire feeder

= standard           = optional

Feature Power source part number
319 320 388 643 647

4 roller wire feeder with Ø 30 mm rollers

4 roller wire feeder with Ø 40 mm rollers    
Cooling unit

DC TIG welding


DC MMA welding


Pulsed MIG welding

Double pulsed MIG welding    
Pulsed DC TIG welding    

High Deposit (HD) MIG welding


"Root" MIG welding


Double level function


Synergic mode

Possibility to update the software
Conformity with EN61000-3-12 (PFC)
Inverter based power source    

MIG brazing

Hot start
Automatic Hot start

15 kg spool holder

TFT touch screen display        

"OLED" display


Flux cored wire welding

2 times / 4 times
Spot welding
Stitch welding
Soft start
Crater filler    
Pre gas
Post gas
Burn back
Adjustable choke
3L (three levels)    


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