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Welding & Cutting / Products / PLASMA CUTTING AUTOMATION LINE/ Standard definition: inverter plasma cutters / Product overview - Art 279


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Art. 279 Cebora

POWER PLASMA 3035/M is an easy to handle, easy to use power source with minimal system requirements, able to ensure excellent quality cutting on all metals, including the new high-strength steels.

POWER PLASMA 3035/M weights just 13 kg including the torch, and requires single-phase power supply; it works with compressed air or nitrogen (for high-quality cutting), provided at a pressure of 3.5 bar, with an air flow of just 60 l/min (and may thus be powered by a 25-l compressor).
The recommended thickness, for the best cutting quality and productivity, is 8 mm; the maximum thickness is 12 mm and the severance thickness is 15 mm.

In the version for automation, which also requires the pantograph interface kit (Art. 196), the power source is equipped with a Cebora CP40 DAR straight torch of 6 or 12 m.

The compliance with EN 61000-3-12 brings substantial energy saving and a wide supply voltage tolerance (+15% / -20%).

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