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SPOT 2500

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Art. 2148 Cebora

Cebora offers the auto body industry the new multi-purpose power source Spot 2500 (art. 2148, single phase supply 400V 50/60Hz)), with electronic adjustment, synchronous control and digital panel, ideal for body repairs of the conventional sheet metals, except aluminium. The Spot 2500 allows you to work in manual/automatic mode, perform rosette spot-welding, insert spot-welding, metal pressing, metal heating, pulse heating. The "USER" function allows you to customize the settings. The spot-welding gun includes a button that allows rapid remote selection of the functions on the panel of the power source.
This power source is also available, on request, in a version for 230V 50/60Hz single phase power supply (art. 2148.18).


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