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The MIG flagships: the new EVO Speed Star line

The MIG welding power sources you were waiting for. The new EVO Speed Star line consists of three inverter three-phase multi-function power sources marked out by:

- HIGH DUTY CYCLE AT 40°C (IEC 60974-1)

The 380A power source, with optional water cooling unit, is available either in compact version or with separate wire feeder.
The 500A power source has built-in water cooling unit and separate wire feeder.


Melbourne 2015: Australian body shops demand equipment for aluminium

On April 16th through 19th, 2015, took place at the Melbourne exhibition centre, Australia, the "Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo", intended for all operators of the car sector, in particular to those of the car collision repair.

It is one of the most important events in Australia for this sector and there are 420 exhibitors from 21 different countries.

The Australian distributor of Cebora, company Weld Quip, presented in its stand the range of the Cebora power sources devoted to the car body repair (MIG welders, plasma cutters, spotters), particularly highlighting the new models (the inverter synergic MIG-MAG welder with optional pulse function, Synstar 200M, and the new Power Spot 5700 Aluminium, with a wide display, capable to weld studs of any metal up to Ø 8 mm).



The novelties of the Cebora Automotive line at the AMR fair in Beijing

The AMR (Auto Maintenance & Repair Expo) fair in Beijing is an event that draws more than 50,000 visitors in the stands of 1,200 exhibitors on a surface of 100,000 m². Numbers that easily explain the importance that this fair has achieved for the Chinese market as well as for all operators that do business with China.

The local distributor of the Cebora line for the body repair, company Shanghai Yingfei, presented in its stand some of the more important novelties of the line, such as the 20A three-phase model of the Synstar line, Synstar 200T, an extremely versatile synergic inverter MIG welding power source, with possibility of "pulsed arc" function upgrade, and the new Power Spot 5700 Aluminium, capable to weld studs up to Ø 8 mm on all kind of metals being used in the car body, with a new wide display that makes its use even easier and more user friendly.



Medals again for STIGAL at the STOM-BLECH fair

The 7th edition of STOM-BLECH International Metal Sheet Processing Fair held in Kielce, Poland, on March 10th through 12th, 2015, gathered over 500 exhibitors from Poland, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Denmark and the Netherlands.
Stigal, well recognized European manufacturer of high-end CNC plasma cutting machines, was awarded STOM fairs medals for the unique and modern presentation style.
At the biggest stand of the fair, Stigal presented multiple samples of pipes, profiles, spatial elements and dozens of other details cut using Cebora 2D and 3D HQC torches and Stigal award-winning Multi3D head.



Also this year the Cebora robotic welding at the WIN in Istanbul

Celebrating this year its 20th edition, the WIN fair of Istanbul has reconfirmed itself as an event of great importance and call for the industrial sector in this region at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa.

The growing number of exhibitors and visitors gave the measure of the interest of the operators for new technologies related directly and indirectly to metalworking.

The line of Cebora power sources dedicated to robotic welding was present in the stand of the Turkish company GD Robotics, which showed in its stand an integrated system consisting of a Cebora MIG-MAG welding power source of the EVO Speed Star Robot line connected to a Kuka robot.



Here comes the first three-phase Synstar

The Synstar project consists in the creation of a range of synergic controlled inverter MIG-MAG welding power sources, easy to use and with a low price, also intended to gradually replace the electromechanical machines in those application that require a power not exceeding 250A. The possibility to implement in the power sources the optional pulsed arc function makes these machines extremely versatile and capable to offer to the user a wide range of functions that are typical of the professional welding, such as arc length, 2 times / 4 times, spot welding time, pause time, choke, Burn Back, Soft Start, pre-gas, post-gas etc.

After the launch of the first model of this series, the 200A single-phase power source Synstar 200M, art. 322, which has already enjoyed a considerable success in the world, Cebora presents now the second model, the 200A three-phase power source Synstar 200T, art. 323, which will become available in October 2014.



The Cebora group acquires GEFRA, system integrator

The Cebora group has acquired the company GEFRA AUTOMAZIONE srl, a young and dynamic company, yet already rich of experience in the automation field, in which it offers turn key systems for various requirements.

This important acquisition comes within the frame of the general strategy of Cebora, that for some years has been investing big resources in the sector of automation and robotics and obtained a positive feedback from the markets, as far as both the automated welding and the automated plasma cutting, either on pantograph or on robot.


2014: Cebora's 60th anniversary

60 years have already passed since 1954, when Emiliano Generali, whose memory remains indelible in all those who knew him, founded Cebora.

Sixty years of research, of innovation, of growth, of commitment, of professionalism and of 100% Italian quality.

And today the satisfaction of celebrating this important anniversary together with our sales network and our customers, hoping to continue our cooperation for many, many years to come.


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New collaborations in the Czech Republic

On April 21st through 23rd, 2015, took place in Prague, Czech republic, the 2nd edition of the "For Weld" fair, focused on the welding and cutting sector, with a remarkable success of public.

This is one of the most important events in the Czech Republic for the technological sector and has already become an unmissable meeting that allows the numerous exhibitors and visitors to show and to see the hottest novelties in the technique world.

The Czech distributor of Cebora, company HST, has participated in the fair in collaboration with the company SOLID WELD, a young and dynamic Czech company in constant development, specilizing in plasma cutting, positioned among the high quality manufacturers of its sector.



Cebora and GEFRA Automazione at the Celje fair

The "Forma Tool" biennal fair is the biggest and most important event in Slovenia for the industrial sector, which attracts almost 600 exhibitors from 27 different countries, on a surface of over 17,000 m², with the presence of about 11,000 visitors.

The company Varesi, distributor of Cebora in Slovenia, exhibited in its stand a complete selection of Cebora power sources of the industrial range, including some important novelties, such as the Synstar MIG line and the EVO Speed Star line, top of the MIG range.

The stand also included a robotized cell of the company GEFRA Automazione, the system integrator of the Cebora group, equipped with Cebora welding power sources for MIG and Plasma welding.



Motortec in Madrid: growing demand of power sources for aluminium repair

The Motortec fair, held in Madrid on arch 11th through 14th, 2015, is an important meeting point, in Spain, for all the operators of the automotive sector and, in particular, of the car body repair.
The innovation that is marking the sector in the recent period is the constantly growing use of aluminium by the car manufacturers, that favour such material because of its characteristics of lightness and resistance to corrosion. Yet such trend reflects in a widespread problem for the body shops that need to equip themselves with adequate instruments for the repair of the aluminium parts, repair that requires particular precautions and tools.



Ford approves also the Synstar 200M and the new Power Spot 5700

Ford USA, who already approved so far several Cebora power sources of the Automotive line, has now renewed the worldwide approval, originally released in the year 2013, for 5 models of the plasma cutting, MIG-MAG welding and spotter lines.

While the new approval reconfirms the models Power Plasma 3035/M, art. 279, Sound MIG 2060/MD Star Double Pulse, art. 301, and Jaguar Sound MIG 2060/MD Star Double Pulse, art. 302, it does not refer any more to the models EVO 200 M Synergic Combi, art. 622, and Power Spot 5600, art. 2154, recently discontinued, and includes now the new models Synstar 200 M, art. 322, and Power Spot 5700 Aluminium, art. 2156.



The new three-phase 270A completes the Synstar line

After the success obtained by the first two models of the Synstar line, that is the 200A single phase power source (Synstar 200M, art. 322) and the 200A three-phase one (Synstar 200T, art. 323), Cebora is pleased to introduce the new 270A three-phase power source, Synstar 270T, art. 324, which completes the line.

In addition to the already known advantages of the Synstar line (versatility, easiness of use, wide LCD display for an even more user friendly control, large number of synergic programs supplied with the machine covering the most popular welding conditions, possibility to add the optional "pulsed arc" function), the new 270T model offers the following important features:



The new Power Spot 5700 for studs up to 8 mm

Cebora is pleased to introduce the new Power Spot 5700 Aluminium, art. 2156, which replaces the former model Power Spot 5600, art. 2154.

The Power Spot 5700 “Aluminium” is a compact and lightweight portable power source for stud weldeing through capacitor discharge.

In comparison to the previous model, the Power Spot 5700 Aluminium features the following characteristics:

  • possibility to weld studs up to Ø 8 mm on ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • new LCD panel which allows to displays in a simple and intuitive way the operational functions



Cooperation with BMC Estonia

The collaboration grows and gets stronger between Cebora and the company BMC Baltic Metal Company of Tallinn, Estonia, a young dynamic company, committed in providing high quality materials and machinery, especially for automated and robotic metal working.

The company BMC, which is suitably structured to ensure the customers a proper after sales service, started this year to market the Cebora professional / industrial range, consisting of the MIG and TIG welding lines and of the plasma cutting one.



Novelty from Cebora and COMAU: "All in" for plasma cutting

From an intense cooperation in research and development of the company COMAU with Cebora and Gefra, an important novelty has been introduced, an innovative product unique in the world: the robotized plasma cutting system in which robot and power source have one man / machine interface.
Modularity, simplicity, quality and productivity are just some of the benefits that this project has brought.

In comparison to the 2D cut, the 3D one makes it possible to work on elements of different size and shape: pipes, pressings, castings, template bevels, parts that need a cut up to 20 mm depth etc.
Cebora and COMAU offer an integrated plasma cutting system by a Plug & Play cell with user interface on the programming terminal.



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