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The MIG flagships: the new EVO Speed Star line

The MIG welding power sources you were waiting for. The new EVO Speed Star line consists of three inverter three-phase multi-function power sources marked out by:

- HIGH DUTY CYCLE AT 40°C (IEC 60974-1)

The 380A power source, with optional water cooling unit, is available either in compact version or with separate wire feeder.
The 500A power source has built-in water cooling unit and separate wire feeder.


From Bologna to Rome, bound by the common passion for car racing

Among the new initiatives launched by Cebora in 2016, there is theb assistance to a young team of engineers of the "Tor Vergata" University in Rome engaged in the design and then production of a racing car that will participate in the "FORMULA SAE ", a competition open to engineering design to students and organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

The Cebora representatives departed from their seat in Cadriano, located within the Italian "Motor Valley", to visit this young group of enthusiasts and skilled engineers with the target to contribute to the development of those parts of the vehicle that can be created directly in the laboratory, within the "Tor Vergata" University itself.




The Cebora Automotive line at the Cesvi fair in Mexico City

On March 10th, 11th and 12th, 2016, was held in Mexico City the 14th edition of the fair "Expo Reparación y Mantenimiento Automotriz" event focused on the repair of vehicles organized by Cesvi México, the organization which on behalf of insurance companies performs research and selection of procedures and equipment for the repair of damaged vehicles.

The Mexican distributor of the Cebora collision repair line, company Hidrotools, exposed in his stand some of the latest generation Cebora power sources (MIG-MAG welding machines, plasma cutting machines and multi-purpose "spotters"), already approved by major car manufacturers.



STOM-BLECH 2016 fair marks another success and medal for Stigal and Cebora

This year's edition of the STOM-BLECH International Metal Sheet Processing Fair held in Kielce, Poland (March 9th through 11th, 2016), was the 8th edition of this event. Gathering over 500 exhibitors from all over the world, it was the biggest edition so far.
Thousand's of fairs' visitors were attracted to the biggest stand on the whole fairs, which was presented by STIGAL, long-term partner of CEBORA, the manufacturer of the fastest in Europe, widely acclaimed plasma cutting machines. This year STIGAL over 250 sq meters has accomodated all three of its flagship devices, powered exclusively by CEBORA power sources, both standard and HQC.



They learn with Cebora power sources in The Hague

Laskar Hardinxveld BV, sole distributor of Cebora in the Benelux, was proud to deliver 7 pc EVO Speedstar 380 TS (full options) to one of the most renowned schools in Holland, the ROC Mondriaan college in The Hague.

After a complete study and tests with other brands, the board of directors choose, in consultation with the technical dept, for the Cebora EVO Speed Star, due to its welding performance, full set of synergic welding programs for all types of wire (factory fited as standard) and the easy operation of the machine.



HST and Cebora cooperating with success on the eastern markets

The company HST, the historical distributor of Cebora in the Czech Republic, is a dynamic company constantly developing new ideas for the industrial welding and cutting market.

A great interest in the HST CREATIVE portfolio of products for welding automation has come from the East European markets. In the last half of 2015 HST CREATIVE made a great number of successful installations of big devices for welding automation equipped with Cebora welding technologies. The result of this synergy is evident in the customer satisfaction, thanks to the high level of quality, reliability, state of the art technology and technical support to the end user.



The Cebora Automotive line approved also by Rotunda

The US company Rotunda issues approvals, that are valid for the service network for the Ford and Lincoln vehicles, reserved to excellence products only.

Following the approvals that Cebora has already obtained directly from Ford, also Rotunda has approved the following five Cebora power sources of the Automotive line:

  • Power Plasma 3035/M, art. 279
  • Sound MIG 2060/MD Star Double Pulse, art. 301
  • Jaguar Sound MIG 2060/MD Star Double Pulse, art. 302
  • Synstar 200 M, art. 322
  • Power Spot 5700, art. 2156



The Cebora group acquires GEFRA, system integrator

The Cebora group has acquired the company GEFRA AUTOMAZIONE srl, a young and dynamic company, yet already rich of experience in the automation field, in which it offers turn key systems for various requirements.

This important acquisition comes within the frame of the general strategy of Cebora, that for some years has been investing big resources in the sector of automation and robotics and obtained a positive feedback from the markets, as far as both the automated welding and the automated plasma cutting, either on pantograph or on robot.


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Soldequip sponsor of ITCS in Barcelona

On Friday, April 15th, 2016, the Institut Tècnic Català de la Soldadura celebrated its 20th anniversary by organizing, in collaboration with Applus + Laboratories, a technical seminar open to the public.

Paulì Cots, owner of the company Soldequip, distributor of Cebora, participated as a sponsor at the ITCS technical seminar on the occasion of the 20th anniversary.




Cebora Automotive at the Porto fair

The expoMECÂNICA fair, which took place in Porto, Portugal, on April 15th through 17th, 2016, is the reference event for the Portuguese automotive industry and aftermarket.

The wide fair area, containing the stands of over 150 exhibitors, has received more than 10.000 visitors.

The Cebora welding and cutting line was exposed in the stand of our distributor, company Rubete.



Cebora robotics and industrial welding at the Zagreb Fair

The 23rd edition of the BIAM fair in Zagreb, Croatia, was held in the Balkan capital on April 19th through 22nd, 2016, attracting a large number of trade visitors from Croatia itself and from the neighboring countries.
The Cebora welding automation line, consisting of a full range of power sources for robotized welding in the MIG-MAG, TIG and Plasma Weldingprocesses, was exposed in the stand of the company Troska, also distributor of Hyundai robots.
In the stand of the company R.A.M. was instead exposed a selection of Cebora power sources of the industrial line, one among the most complete ranges available today on the world market.




The Cebora automotive line at the Beijing fair

The AMR fair of Beijing is an outstanding event for China and for its connected market in the automotive field. The 2016 edition, which took place on March 3rd through 6th on a total surface of 100,000 sqm, has seen the participation of almost 55,000 visitors from 62 countries.

The company Shanghai Yingda, distributor of the Cebora automotive line in China, has exhibited in its stand the representative models of the range, which includes inverter synergic power sources for MIG-MAG welding, inverter plasma cutters as well as multi-purpose spotters.



The Cebora industrial line presented in Kielce

Cebora was exhibiting at the 8th edition of the International Sheet Metal Working Fair STOM-BLECH of Kielce, Poland (arch 9th through 11th, 2016) in two different stands. In addition to the stand of the company STIGAL, historical partner of Cebora for the plasma cutting automation line, the Cebora industrial welding and cutting line was shown in the stand of the company Weld-Tech, distributor of the industrial range since 2015.



The Cebora welders for the Vocational Training Centres of the Xunta de Galicia

Our distributor for Galicia (Spain), company PILSES, won the public tender for the supply to the vocational training centers of the Galician regional government and provided 110 Cebora welding machines, models: Sound MMA 2336/T, TIG Sound AC/DC 2240/M, Synstar 270 T and EVO 350 TC Synergic.

The supply judging committee, made up of professors of the training centers, specialized in different welding processes, evaluated the technical offer of the machines offered by PILSES with a score of 50% higher than the second classified and 90% higher than the third one.



The Sound MIG 2740/T Star Pulse approved by BMW USA

After having already approved more than ten years ago several Cebora single-phase power sources of the Automotive line, BMW USA has now confirmed the approval of the three-phase MIG-MAG welding power source Sound MIG 2740/T Star Pulse, art. 307, a professional and versatile machine, highly appreciated for the quality and the easiness of use assured by the synergic control which allows even the operators with a limited experience to obtain very good welding results.



Maserati approval for two Cebora power sources

The company Car Bench in Massa, manufacturer of benches for car repair, uses the Cebora welding and plasma cutting power sources for its training courses to the specialized body shops.

Car Bench has recently obtained the approval by the prestigious car manufacturer Maserati for two Cebora models of the Automotive line:

An excellent result of the cooperation between Car Bench andCebora as well as a further, important acknowledgement to the Cebora quality.



New Cebora partner in the UK

Cebora, already well known in the UK, where it's products have been marketed and appreciated for more than thirty yearshas recently reached a partnership agreement with Weldfast UK based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England. Weldfast UK is a company capable of managing the distribution of the Cebora range of power sources, accessories, genuine consumables and spare parts, as well as providing the necessary technical service, throughout the UK.

Weldfast UK boasts a long experience in the industrial welding and cutting field and has promptly put at the disposal of customers a website exclusively devoted to the different Cebora product lines.



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