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Cebora presents the Pocket Pulse black / gold

Thirty years ago, Cebora invented the first portable continuous wire welder in the history. It was called Pocket MIG and in a short time it became a worldwide best seller, sold in millions of units from the Americas to Oceania. For sure one of the products that mainly contributed to make the Cebora brand known in the world.

To celebrate the anniversary, Cebora is pleased to present to its sales network a new achievement of its technology: the Pocket Pulse, art. 305.

For the occasion, we decided to dress the product in a special way, to strongly characterize it also from the image point of view. So, instead of being of our historical red colour, the Pocket Pulse is black with gold writing. A visual impact that will surely catch the eyes.



All the welding points of view at Valfer in Mese (Sondrio)

The need to provide information and clarification regarding the new working methods used in the welding field, the application of new technologies and the entry into force of new regulations (in particular the EN1090 and the new UNI 11627 standard on oxy-gas welding) suggested the company VALFER Hardware in Mese (Sondrio), the idea of organizing on Friday, September 30th, 2016, an interesting event where specialists of some leading manufacturers of the three basic elements of welding (welding power source, filler material and shielding gas) were able to give full information to the several attending customers.




The MB approved Cebora MIG welder at the Automechanika fair

The Automechanika fair, which was held in Frankfurt, Germany, on September 13th through 17th, is one of the most important events in the world as far as the automotive sector is concerned.

The 2016 edition was marked by the following remarkable numbers: 136,000 visitors from over 170 countries, with 4,820 exhibitors. One of the central themes of the fair was "Tomorrow's Service & Mobility".

Just in this spirit, the joint stand of Cebora and of its historical German distributor, company Cebotech GmbH, contained the updated line of welding and plasma cutting power sources developed by Cebora for the modern body shops that more and more need to repair vehicles made with new materials such as aluminium and high strength steels.



Mercedes-Benz approves the Sound MIG 2740/T Star Pulse

After a long, thorough and severe testing procedure, Mercedes-Benz has released its official approval for the Cebora Sound MIG 2740/T Star Pulse,art. 307.

This is the first Cebora three-phase power source approved by a car manufacturer and this is due to the growing need in the vehicle body repair of powerful welding machines capable to cover a wider range of applications on a wider range of metals (mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel, martensitic steel, aluminium alloys etc.).




The Cebora Automotive line at the Cesvi fair in Mexico City

On March 10th, 11th and 12th, 2016, was held in Mexico City the 14th edition of the fair "Expo Reparación y Mantenimiento Automotriz" event focused on the repair of vehicles organized by Cesvi México, the organization which on behalf of insurance companies performs research and selection of procedures and equipment for the repair of damaged vehicles.

The Mexican distributor of the Cebora collision repair line, company Hidrotools, exposed in his stand some of the latest generation Cebora power sources (MIG-MAG welding machines, plasma cutting machines and multi-purpose "spotters"), already approved by major car manufacturers.



HST and Cebora cooperating with success on the eastern markets

The company HST, the historical distributor of Cebora in the Czech Republic, is a dynamic company constantly developing new ideas for the industrial welding and cutting market.

A great interest in the HST CREATIVE portfolio of products for welding automation has come from the East European markets. In the last half of 2015 HST CREATIVE made a great number of successful installations of big devices for welding automation equipped with Cebora welding technologies. The result of this synergy is evident in the customer satisfaction, thanks to the high level of quality, reliability, state of the art technology and technical support to the end user.



The MIG flagships: the new EVO Speed Star line

The MIG welding power sources you were waiting for. The new EVO Speed Star line consists of three inverter three-phase multi-function power sources marked out by:

- HIGH DUTY CYCLE AT 40°C (IEC 60974-1)

The 380A power source, with optional water cooling unit, is available either in compact version or with separate wire feeder.
The 500A power source has built-in water cooling unit and separate wire feeder.


The Cebora group acquires GEFRA, system integrator

The Cebora group has acquired the company GEFRA AUTOMAZIONE srl, a young and dynamic company, yet already rich of experience in the automation field, in which it offers turn key systems for various requirements.

This important acquisition comes within the frame of the general strategy of Cebora, that for some years has been investing big resources in the sector of automation and robotics and obtained a positive feedback from the markets, as far as both the automated welding and the automated plasma cutting, either on pantograph or on robot.


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Introducing the new Jaguar E 200 MD

The need to have two different filler wires ready in one welding machine was felt in the body shop already years ago. This is why Cebora created in 1993 its first double torch power source, the Jaguar art. 582. It was a transformer based, switch controlled machine, in line with the welding technology of that time.

Then, in 2008, Cebora presented the new version: the Jaguar Double Pulse 2035/MD, art. 282, an inverter synergic power source with pulsed and double pulsed arc functions. A big step ahead, followed in 2011 by the PFC version Jaguar Sound MIG 2060/MD Star Double Pulse, art. 302, currently in production and still having a great success worldwide, also thanks to the many approvals released by leading car manufacturers.

With a view of reaching the growing number of body shops that more and more feel the need to provide themselves with adequate equipment for the repair of the new materials used in the vehicle body (high strength steels, aluminium alloys etc.), Cebora is now pleased to introduce its new Jaguar E 200 MD, art. 321, that offers the same Cebora technology and quality but with a more attractive price.




Laskar organizes the Cebora Cup in Holland

In spite of the exceptionally hot weather in Holland (35°C!), approximately 70 people from the Benelux customers of the historical Dutch distributor of Cebora, company Laskar, attended the Open House organized on September 13th, 14th and 15th, 2016, in Hardinxveld for introducing the new models of the Cebora range, i.e. the Pocket Pulse, art. 305, and the Synstar 330 TC, art. 386.

The people in attendance were very satisfied and impressed by the performance of the two new models and Laskar booked a remarkable number of orders.

During the three days of meeting, Laskar also organized a karting race, the Cebora Cup, which was won by a nephew of the Dutch F1 champion Max Verstappen.



Cebora welding machines for the Mazzocchia trucks

In order to improve its manufacturing capacity, against a growing demand, both domestic and international, the company Fratelli Mazzocchia in Frosinone (Italy), European leader in the manufacture of rubbish collection trucks, has purchased a remarkable number of Cebora welding machines model EVO Speed Star 380 TS, art. 319, that are already working in their factory.

The company Fratelli Mazzocchia, established in 1920, has consolidated through years an image of quality that earned it an absolute leadership in its market segment.

In this frame of care for quality, the company Fratelli Mazzocchia has chosen the Cebora inverter synergic MIG-MAG welding power sources of last generation for its production.




Now available the new Synstar 330 TC

To respond to the many requests received by its worldwide sales network, Cebora introduces a new model of the Synstar line, the Synstar 330 TC, art. 386.

It is a compact three-phase inverter synergic power source, multi-process (MIG-MAG, TIG and MMA), with a high power (330A at 40% and 270A at 100%), factory fitted with pulsed and double pulsed arc functions, more than 70 synergic programs and 5" touch screen LCD display. An optional cooling unit is also available.

The power source can also be equipped with a push-pull type torch.



Another success of STIGAL / CEBORA at Poznań ITM Fairs 2016

The 2016 edition of the ITM Fairs, held on June 9th through 12th in Poznań, Poland, gathered over 1,000 exhibitors from all over the world. The long-term partner of CEBORA, company STIGAL, the manufacturer of the fastest in Europe, widely acclaimed plasma cutting machines, presented three machines powered by CEBORA HQC power sources.



The Cebora welders for the Vocational Training Centres of the Xunta de Galicia

Our distributor for Galicia (Spain), company PILSES, won the public tender for the supply to the vocational training centers of the Galician regional government and provided 110 Cebora welding machines, models: Sound MMA 2336/T, TIG Sound AC/DC 2240/M, Synstar 270 T and EVO 350 TC Synergic.

The supply judging committee, made up of professors of the training centers, specialized in different welding processes, evaluated the technical offer of the machines offered by PILSES with a score of 50% higher than the second classified and 90% higher than the third one.



The Sound MIG 2740/T Star Pulse approved by BMW USA

After having already approved more than ten years ago several Cebora single-phase power sources of the Automotive line, BMW USA has now confirmed the approval of the three-phase MIG-MAG welding power source Sound MIG 2740/T Star Pulse, art. 307, a professional and versatile machine, highly appreciated for the quality and the easiness of use assured by the synergic control which allows even the operators with a limited experience to obtain very good welding results.



Maserati approval for two Cebora power sources

The company Car Bench in Massa, manufacturer of benches for car repair, uses the Cebora welding and plasma cutting power sources for its training courses to the specialized body shops.

Car Bench has recently obtained the approval by the prestigious car manufacturer Maserati for two Cebora models of the Automotive line:

An excellent result of the cooperation between Car Bench andCebora as well as a further, important acknowledgement to the Cebora quality.




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